The Middle Ages Come to Hamilton

Hamilton may be the City of the Future, but that doesn’t stop it celebrating the past. The Waikato Waldorf School’s annual Medieval Carnival is set to become a destination event, attracting people from all over New Zealand. I went to this year’s carnival and, for a school fair, it was very impressive.


The banners and painted stone walls at the entrance stood as testament to how much effort had gone into the event. There were so many people in costume – and not just the kids. I was surprised at how big it was.

MedievalCarnival2There was a craft market, wooden horse jousting, sword whittling, crystal panning, fishing, archery, a re-enactors encampment, a blacksmith’s, a combat ring and so much more – including a display of Roman soldiers (accidentally wandered in through a time portal, perhaps?) and proper jousting.

MedievalCarnival4The whole thing was great fun, and it’s supposed to be even bigger and better next year. So grab your cloak, dust off your gauntlets and head to Hamilton. The Medieval Carnival is free to attend, but it is a school fundraiser, so don’t be stingy.

MedievalCarnival3To see what events are on in Hamilton, go to


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