Why I Love New Zealand


It’s easy for a young person to feel suffocated in New Zealand. I, like so many before me, couldn’t wait to get out and see the rest of the world. I spent three months travelling through eight different countries last year. Yes, it was exhausting and yes, we really needed more time in each place, but it was exactly the breath of fresh air I needed. By the end of it, I had a new appreciation for New Zealand; a new understanding of why I love it so much.

Here are just 10 reasons why I love New Zealand:


1) It’s relatively safe.

New Zealand came in third on the latest Global Peace Index, after Iceland and Denmark. Also, you don’t have to worry about pickpockets, which was a relief after travelling through Europe.

2) It’s relatively uncorrupt.

New Zealand came in second on the latest Corruption Perceptions Index

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6 thoughts on “Why I Love New Zealand

  1. captyid says:

    Abigail, I have become happily addicted to your blog. After learning about it from your proud father (a classmate in a few MOOCs), I have been hanging on every word, I have a request: Could you please comment on Manuka Honey (with amazing homeopathic healing properties) found only in New Zealand? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mānuka_honey


    • kiwipom91 says:

      I’m one of the few people that can’t stand the taste of it!


      • captyid says:

        I’ve heard it’s bitter. Not for eating, silly; for medicine. Being uniquely from New Zealand, you might have some Manuka insights.
        “Manuka honey comes from the Manuka bush, also called the Tea Tree by Captain Cook when he first landed in New Zealand. He saw the Maoris (locals) brewing the leaves to make medicinal tea. Along the line, beekeepers saw that manuka honey was a special honey. Professor Molan, a biochemist working for the University of Waikato, discovered an additional antibacterial property to the Manuka Honey, which has been trademarked by an association.”
        Just an idea…..


      • kiwipom91 says:

        Living in New Zealand, I am aware of the existence of Manuka honey, but I’m afraid I don’t have special insights.


      • captyid says:

        Good point; inspiration cannot be forced. I’m trying to learn how to write and am learning it needs to come from within. Thanks for the quick and honest response. From one of your fans, Gordon


      • kiwipom91 says:

        Well if I’m ever stuck for what to write about, Manuka Honey is one of the things I could research. If you ever see an article of mine on it you’ll know I haven’t been anywhere interesting lately. (Or I’ve been somewhere that makes Manuka Honey!) 🙂


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