Jazzing It Up for Easter

Every Easter since 1963, the sunny city of Tauranga has hosted New Zealand’s National Jazz Festival. My parents live in Tauranga, so, of course, they always go. This year, I went with them.

Despite the bad weather warnings, Easter 2016 was scorching. There were lots of ladies in absolutely lovely dresses! Everyone was having a great time, drinking cold beers and sparkling wines, and dancing to the various different saxophones.

At the Tauranga Jazz Festival 2016

Five stages were set up at intervals along the Strand, Tauranga’s main street of bars and restaurants. It overlooks the harbourfront, where there’s a fantastic playground for kids. This weekend, there were a few fairground rides as well. Unfortunately, I was too big for the bouncy castle!

It cost a gold coin to enter. My family headed for our favourite pub, Brew, passing this quirky pop-up bar along the way…

At the Tauranga Jazz Festival 2016

It was quite crowded. Well of course it was. The Jazz Festival gets over 60,000 people attending now. (It takes place over a few days in a few different locations.) The atmosphere was great. I mean loud music and crowds aren’t necessarily my thing, but it was okay sitting at the edge of things with a nice glass of bubbly.

So if you’re coming to New Zealand and you find yourself in the Bay of Plenty area around Easter, head to Tauranga. There’s lots to do round there anyway. Check out my 10 Free Things to Do around Tauranga article for inspiration.

A Tortoise Hood Ornament on a Vintage Car

And, oh yeah, there were vintage cars there as well. I thought this was quite sweet.


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