New Zealand and Volcanoes

Smells Like Breakfast: Rotorua

Kiwis, Kiwis and Kiwis: The People of New Zealand

Going Bush

Beached As, Bro

Beach 2

Flightless Birds and Flying Mammals: New Zealand’s Unique Wildlife

Four Seasons of New Zealand Weather

What to Do in Auckland for Free

The Magic of Waitomo Caves

The Mount

Mount Maunganui 034

Top Ten Places to See Dolphins in New Zealand

Awhitu: A Special Place in My Heart

Money Matters: The Cost of Living in New Zealand

Killing the Thing We Love: The Demise of New Zealand’s Bookshops

The Pinnacles, a.k.a. the Worst Experience of My Life

Around Auckland 002

Driving in New Zealand

The Great Kiwi Barbecue

Karangahake Gorge

The Existential Crisis of the Immigrant Child

Fur Seals on the Otago Peninsula

Dolphin 3

Christchurch: Then and Now

Land of the Ice Dragons

Covering Gandalf and Bear Grylls in Cheese

What to Do in Dunedin – Part 1

What to Do in Dunedin – Part 2

dunedin3 041cropped

Our Day on the Otago Peninsula

Interview with the Larper: Having a LARP in New Zealand

Gandering at the Muriwai Gannet Colony

Rainbow’s End: A Somewhat Amusing Park

Armageddon: New Zealand’s Comic-Con

Muriwai 3

Halloween and Bonfire Night in New Zealand

10 Reasons Living in New Zealand is AWESOME

Our Campervan Tour of New Zealand’s South Island

New Zealand’s Best Beach?

Following in the Hobbit’s Hairy Footsteps

New Pictures 188cropped

Top 20 Things a Brit in New Zealand Misses

My Upside-down Summer

Christmas in New Zealand

New Zealand New Year Cruise

Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines


Finding Wonderland: Te Puna Quarry Park

Shopping in Downtown Tauranga

What Hobbiton’s Like

The Best Place to Go in Hamilton

What to Do in Kerikeri


New Zealand’s Pompeii

The Festival, the Campervan and the Cyclone That Wasn’t

The Mists of Kuirau Park

McLaren Falls

Bringing Joffrey Down!


Haute Cuisine – Literally

A Carbon Neutral Campervan Holiday

Last Night of the Poms: The Story of Our Move to New Zealand

Top 10 Most Brilliantly Insane New Zealanders

My Weekend in Wellington


Great Walks for Wusses: My Top 10 North Island Day Walks

Kiwi Houses

Taieri Gorge

What’s Wrong with New Zealand’s Education System?

10 Awesome Places to Go Kayaking in New Zealand


New Zealand’s Funniest Bird

Biting Comedy from New Zealand

Auckland Zoo

The Seriously Good Food Show

Back to Blighty, or Poms Away Up Top


A New Zealander’s View of Britain

That’s in Australia, Right?

European Stereotypes – Confirmed or Busted?

New Zealand’s New Flag?

Why New Zealand’s Got the World’s Best Food

Tauranga Rocks 4

Why Living in Tauranga Ruins You for Life

The Immigrants’ Christmas

A Walk in the Waitaks

The Eve of Christmas Eve, New Zealand

Christmas Day, New Zealand

Waitakere Dam 020

Cows and Chlamydia: My First Impressions of Hamilton

Exploring Hamilton’s Parks

New Zealand’s Best Places for Jet Boating

The Alien World of White Island

My Top 10 Favourite Places in New Zealand


Top 10 English Foods an Expat Misses

The Mysterious Beauty of Bethells Beach

Nerds of New Zealand Unite for Armageddon

Eating Out in Auckland Central

Hilarious Misconceptions about New Zealand

bethels 004

10 Totally Awesome New Zealand Holiday Tips

New Zealand Citizenship vs. Permanent Residency

Hamilton’s Italian Paradise

Lake Wainamu

Rose Hellaby House – Hidden Gem in the Waitakeres

View Auckland Rose Hellaby House

The Middle Ages Come to Hamilton

Why I Love New Zealand

Bridal Veil Falls

Raglan on a Winter’s Day

Don’t Be a ‘Whinging Pom’


Why You Should Visit the Arataki Visitor Centre

Antiques, Collectables and a Giant Bottle of Lemonade

The Magical Creatures of New Zealand

Having a (Jane Austen) Ball in Hamilton

Another British Immigrant’s View of New Zealand


The Stars Are Upside Down

Classic Flyers – Somewhere to Go if You’re in the Bay of Plenty

Auckland to Christchurch by Campervan

How I Adopted My Kiwi Identity and Never Looked Back

Why New Zealand Made Me Write


10 Things I Don’t Miss About Britain

The New Zealand Identity Crisis

The Problem with Possums

Concerning Peter Jackson’s Hobbit Trilogy

10 Strange Things I Found When I Moved To New Zealand


New Zealand: A Land Fit for Fantasy

A Walk around Hamilton Lake

A Wander through Waikato Museum

Across the Sea: A Brief History of Immigration to New Zealand

New Zealand’s Biggest Christmas Tree


Another Reason to Visit Hamilton

Getting Lost in Fantasy Gardens

New Plymouth’s Festival of Lights

Going Medieval in Tauranga

The Goblin Forest

Tawhiti Museum, Taranaki, New Zealand

New Zealand’s Most Enchanting Museum

An English Paradise in Taranaki

Stratford-upon-Patea: Town of Pioneers, Players and Peaks

Proof That New Zealanders Really Are Hobbits

All the World’s a… Globe

Auckland Museum

From the Diary of an Immigrant Child

Jazzing It Up for Easter

Shipping Your Car to New Zealand: A Step by Step Breakdown

The Cult of New Zealand Infallible

Taitua Arboretum (with an international forestry expert!)

Chinese Archway, Taitua Arboretum, Hamilton, New Zealand

The Ultimate New Zealand Comedy

Road to Perdition

The Archaeology of New Zealand

The Best Place to Live in New Zealand

Battle of the National Symbols – New Zealand vs. England


A Stroll through History

The Otuataua Stonefields

How Brexit Looks from New Zealand

Where New Zealanders Go On Holiday

What We Did in Rarotonga

Haystack Horizon

Our Street

Is New Zealand Backward?

Top 10 Places to Hunt Pokémon in Hamilton

Corsets, Clockwork and a Cicada

Saying Goodbye

Fairy Door

The Auckland Botanic Gardens

Cute Animals and Hay Fever

Springtime for Hamilton Gardens

Honestly, New Zealand DOES Have History

Well That Was Scary

Otuataua Stonefields

That’s It – I’m Moving to New Zealand!

I Finally Visited a Cat Café!

A Trip to the Coromandel

My First Christmas in New Zealand

Kaiate Falls


A Vintage Train Ride and a Satisfying Walk

Six Books, a Bach and a Wizard’s Robe

Healthcare in New Zealand

What the Internet’s Like in New Zealand

Summer’s End


How I Caught a Kiwi Accent

Accepting New Zealand as Home

Hamilton’s Historic Estate

Infiltrating the World of Rugby

My Wandering Accent


Why Is It So Difficult to Pronounce Māori Words Correctly?

Hamurana Springs

The Best Places to Eat in Hamilton

Te Awamutu, or That Time a Chicken Burst Out of Our Laundry Basket

A Look Inside the Oldest Library in New Zealand


10 Reasons to Visit New Zealand

10 Reasons England Is Better Than New Zealand

10 Reasons New Zealand Is Better Than England

“The New Zealand of New Zealand”: Theatrical Life in Hamilton

Kiwis Keep Dialling 911 Instead of 111 and Here’s Why


Our First Year in New Zealand

Photos from Our South Island Campervan Trip

Vikings, Trolls and a Magical Gateway

Into a Lost World

The Ghost of Waitomo Caves Hotel

Jet Boat 1

The Cave at the Edge of Reality

Marokopa Falls (and a Taste of Fame!)

Mangapohue Natural Bridge

High Tea at the Chateau Tongariro

The Mists of Tongariro National Park

Campervan in Tongariro National Park

The Art Deco Delights of Napier

Our Day in Taupō

The Craters of the Moon

Of Calf Club and Culture Shock

My Favourite Places in Hamilton

Chateau Tongariro

Why Do Kiwis Suck at Asking People Out?

The Glass Ballerina

Is This the Coolest Information Centre Ever?

An Afternoon in Russell

Okere Falls and a Wonderful Bookshop

Kayakers at Okere Falls

An Ode to Another Wonderful Bookshop

The Blue Spring

Photos of Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival

The Tree Church

The Trippy Trees of WOMAD


Photos from Pukekura Park

More Photos from the Goblin Forest

The Artistic Quirks of Katikati

The Great Tower of Matamata

Slanging Match – British vs New Zealand Slang

Hard to Find Books 16small

Last of the Summer Flowers

Crossing the Ditch

Winter Sunshine on Bethells Beach

The Laid-back Attitude of New Zealanders

Out of the Frying Pan…


10 Cool Paces to Get Married in New Zealand

7 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to New Zealand

From Land’s End to John O’Groats to… Bluff?

Baby Fur Seals and Other Animals

An Intriguing Find


Emigrating to NZ: Sell or Ship Your Vehicle?


What Connects a Train Station in Germany to a Toilet in New Zealand?

The Katherine Mansfield Garden

Solscape: A Relaxing Campsite in Raglan


Frankton Thunder

All the Colours of the Waikato Show

The Legend of Charlotte Badger, New Zealand’s First White Woman

The National Harry Potter Quiz Championship

Road to Wellington

wellington harbour

Bulls: A Town Like No Udder

The Ethics of Owning a Cat in New Zealand

So What’s New Zealand’s Best University?

What’s with the Giant, Glowing Things in Garden Place?

Garden Views

italian garden hamilton

The Adventures of Kimble Bent: Drinker, Deserter, Slave, Folk Hero

Highlights from Our NZ Trip

Waimangu Volcanic Valley

New Zealand Has Its Own Stonehenge!

Victorian Villas and Vineyards

stonehenge aotearoa new zealand

The Road to the Door to the Paths of the Dead

Come to Crystal Mountain, Charlie!

To Rivendell where Elves yet dwell

The World’s Last Surviving Convict Ship

Omaka Aviation Heritage Museum


Seals, Crayfish and Snow-Capped Mountains

New Zealand’s Magical Castle Hill

The Giant’s House, Akaroa

Books, Cheese and Victorian Costumes

The Moeraki Boulders


I Visited New Zealand’s Only Castle

Memories of Lakes Pukaki and Tekapo

Whitecliffs Boulders

The Top Ten Places to See at Our House

How I Became a New Zealand Travel Expert

125 Abigail on a LoTR star_edited

10 Places All Kiwis Should Visit

3 thoughts on “Contents

  1. Dean Hokianga says:

    Hiya, just read your “..things Kiwis say ..” post.
    I may have an answer that can solve where “ow” came from.
    A lot of the early immigrant workers came from up north, Nth England & Scotland. Scots & Geordies, in particular, used to use a similar sounding word when referring to anything they could lay a personal claim or relationship
    Nowadays we would say ‘mine’ or ‘our’ or ‘ours’, they would say (scots) – ‘oor’ or (geordie) – wor.
    Oor lass – wor lass – our girl – daughter/wife/girlfriend.
    If you combine these same meaning but
    different sounding, to the kiwi ear, with the only closest reference in Te Reo, which is ‘au’ or ‘ahau’ … & mix that up with general laziness in how english is currently spoken & i think you get pretty close as to how & where ‘ow’ came from.
    Ow bro – oor mate – my friend
    Shut up ow – be quiet mate.
    Just a thought or two ……


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