Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world. I first went at the age of ten, when my family had just moved to New Zealand. When we lived in England, we were regular visitors of Chester Zoo, so Auckland Zoo had a tough act to follow. And it performed magnificently.

I remember the joy of standing on a balcony high over the giraffe enclosure to feed them celery. I remember the amazing elephant encounter with their really dedicated keepers. I remember crawling through the tunnels below the meerkat enclosure and peering up at them through the plastic bubbles. I remember the kiwis mating.

It looked like a fluffy football bouncing on top of another fluffy football.


Me at the zoo a few years ago

Since I was a kid, Auckland Zoo has just got better and better. The tiger enclosure has improved dramatically. Instead of just staring down into a concrete pit, you now look through a window into a rich environment.

You can get up-close to emus and wallabies in the Aussie Walkabout. You can watch seals showing off underwater. One time, my family was in the aviary and a curious kaka started biting the handle of my dad’s umbrella.

There are lions and cheetahs and orang-utans… You can spend a whole day exploring still not see the entire zoo! And every time we go, there’s something new.

Cute OtterMy favourite animals at the zoo aren’t actually the big, majestic ones. They’re small, cute, funny ones: the meerkats, the otters and the red pandas. The red pandas are just heart-meltingly gorgeous.

Buying food at the zoo is quite expensive, so you’re better off taking a picnic. There are lots of lovely picnic areas. It’s very pretty zoo.

Auckland Zoo is a great place for visitors to New Zealand to learn about native New Zealand species and conservation efforts. It’s also a great day out in general, especially if you have children. I’m not a kid anymore, but I can’t wait to go again.

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5 thoughts on “Auckland Zoo

  1. I was in Auckland a few years ago but never visited the zoo. I generally don’t like zoos but Auckland seems to be genuinely interested in the preservation of their residents!


    • kiwipom91 says:

      Yes, those are my feelings. I’ve been to one place where the animals were in small, bare, iron-bar cages and it was disgusting. Zoos have got to be about conservation, not just having animals.


  2. […] Zoo is a lot more than it first appears. It may not be as grand as Auckland Zoo, but it is certainly as good. Many say better. I went with my parents and boyfriend last weekend, […]


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